Update (July) – The Campaign

Sorry for such a delayed update. But in regards to update, wow do I have an update.

So as you know, the campaign is doing really well. Sarmad’s petition has almost 500,000 supporters. Four hundred and fourtynine thousand nine hundred and filthy six people (online) supporting us, and the good what we are trying to bring. As for the letter I wrote, that got a lot of attention, and together, calls from everywhere have been coming in to bring about change.

To sum up what’s been going on:

  • Hnbelievable media coverage in support of the campaign
  • Home Office has been in contact
  • We have heard 35 MPs will back the campaign
  • Police Commissioner Cressida Dick has said “Acid attacks are completely barbaric. It’s a new trend in this country. The acid can cause horrendous injuries.” And is working with the home office to change the law
  • Jeremy Corbyn has tweeted his support for victims and his agreement that more must be done
  • Stephen Timms will be leading a debate in the House of Commons. During the debate, Stephen will ask Ministers to commit to three things:
  1. Reclassify sulphuric acid – which is commonly used as a drain cleaner – as a ‘regulated substance’ and require a licence for purchase, as proposed by the British Retail Consortium;
  2. Bring the possession of acid – which is not currently a criminal offence –into line with the law on possession of knives;
  3. Introduce tougher and more consistent sentences for those found guilty of carrying out acid attacks.

Come Monday we will hear from those that represent us, and see where the campaign ends up. Thank you to everyone that has supported and followed this campaign. We just want to do right by everyone, and hopefully this is a start.

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