Progress (August)

Before you all get thinking I’m sat in a dark room all day every day rocking to myself, I thought I’d give you an update on my mental and physical state. You have all seen how I looked, my face was all swollen, my burns took my skin and I had my face washed with a body jet spray whilst under which left with me new skin (pink raw), which then scabbed over like any scrape would do, before the scabs fell off. My shoulder/top back was deeply burned so that had a skin graph using skin from the back of my leg. And I had splashes of burns across my arms and legs. I also had two more smaller skin graphs on my knee and my inner thigh.

I’m up and down, I guess I’m as normal as can be given recent events.

Legs: The burns and skin graphs have shredded all its scabbing, leaving behind purple spots of burns, I’m wearing the pants that will prevent scars from becoming raised, and I’m still using creams because I don’t think it’s quite ready for oils. Also there are some areas that are more healed than others, e.g. Skin is a white and will hopefully return to brown to match the rest of my body. Also the back of my leg which was the donor site is purple. However all is ‘healed’ so that’s good news, just waiting for colour and preventing raised scarring from here onwards.
Arms: I have a few pink coloured scars, some white ones which I’m hoping will turn brown, and a skin graph that takes up my right shoulder and the top of my back. Some areas are raised, some are flat. It changes colour based on a number of things but right now it’s a pink colour. I’m using creams and the pressure garment to control it. No idea how a skin graph this size will eventually look. But let’s hope for the best.
Face: I have a few specs of burns on my chest, I hope they clear up or at least fade with time and treatment. My face was mainly hit on one side. The left side is developing scars around my eyes, and is closing much better now. The right side is still not brown, but I’m hoping it changes from pink to brown soon. I am developing a few scars in places like near my mouth and around the eye. My neck is a darker pink and the area is becoming raised further. I also can’t close my eye, I was told this is due to the scarring and the toughness of the skin. I’m hoping a surgeon can help and awaiting my appointment. My mouth doesn’t open as it should and yawning feels tight. But as long as the colour settles (which it really is doing!), my eye is operated on (consultation in two weeks), and I keep treating the scars, I’m hoping I’ll be back to the old me soon. (Preferably before going back to uni…)

I know I haven’t shared any photos, but my mentality behind it has been: you have all seen me at my worst, so at least let me show you when I’m looking good. For me that would be when my eye looks normal. The skin colour I can deal with, the scarring I can cover or treat. There are options for me. However, I have been taking photos all the time, so maybe one day I’ll be able to share the timeline of physical recovery.

9 thoughts on “Progress (August)

  1. Nice one! Seems like you are well on the mend. We don’t know each other, but I hope you do more updates like this because it makes me really glad when I see that you are healing up and are doing ok. It really made me furious when I saw you story in the news, but your handling of it all is amazing!

    1. Thank you! I appreciate it, I think I will keep doing the posts. They work as a counselling session for me ahah!

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  3. Hi Resham
    Just wanted to say you are an inspiration in every sense of the word. You are looking amazing by the way. Sending you continued love and healing xxx

  4. Reshma
    We are proud of you! The courage you have shown is just outstanding. I would request every female to start learning martial arts and it is sure that martial art will help in every way possible. With lots of warm regards from India. Halla Bol!

    1. Thank you very much for the comment! I hope to start some sort of training one day 😄hopefully others will too. Great suggestion. Thank you

      1. Hi resham
        Absolutely wonderful progress
        Keeo it up

        1. Thanks so much! You’re a local too! appreciate it

  5. Hello.
    I saw your post on BBC FB. I just want to tell you that you’re a really strong person. Your blog is very real,inspiring and uplifting. Hope you have nice day ❤️

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