We all deserve the best

Yes, we all do.

Ever the person you like the least,

even the person that doesn’t like you.

I’ve placed so much importance on you

So much importance

To me you’re important

You was important

Because to me you were special

Nothing was greener on the other side

Because I never needed to look

But to you it’s always been greener on the other side

Well let me tell you something about grass

That grass you seem to love so much down at Mooch bar

Fake grass exists

It looks perfect

It can be used all year round

It really is great

News flash

It’s winter

Sincere grass sticks with you through thick and thin

I’m real

And I’m going through a pretty tough time right now

And you can’t find

Won’t find

The time to tend to me

Look after me

Appreciate or understand me

You will abandon me on my journey

Yet run back in the warmer months

Just like you did last May.

You’ll appreciate the beauty of year round grass

But you’ll be left feeling empty

With no one to be weird to

You’ll feel disheartened when no one finds your silly voices funny

Sad when you can’t share your good or bad news

When there’s no one to share your happy moments and your sad moments

I’d laugh with you

I’d cry with you

And none of it was fake

But I’ll be done

I am done

I’ll be gleaming

I am Shining

BBQ’s and waterfights

Summer months

Care, consideration and self love

Winter months

And it’s Invite only

And no boys allowed.

I pity you

You’re only a boy

I’ve had to mature and grow up

A lot faster than I’d of liked

I think about things no one my age does

I’m thinking 10 steps ahead now

The only steps you take are the ones your mum tells you to

I used to find that attractive

That family bond

The fact you listened and behaved

But now I realise, you don’t listen

It’s all face

You maintain the image, that South-Asian culture we are all meant to keep squeaky clean

When who really behaves and respects their parents more?

Or those that lie repeatedly and do anything to impress their friends

I pity you

If what I ever saw for one second

Wasn’t through rose tinted glasses

Then you are worth so much

You are capable of anything

The world is yours for the taking

Except now I’m not so sure

If I ever saw anything clearly

Was I so obliviously blinded

Blind to anything bad

Did I excuse all your bad points without realising?

It’s my fault too

It’s my fault

I had that stupid grin on my face

My eyes wide open

Looking up to you because I followed you

I followed you

Stood by you

But too silly to recognise

There was no one stood beside of me

It’s time to be number one

I am number one in my life

My grass is good enough

To think I once abandoned my own patch

To tend to yours

Because you needed me

How about my last 5 months?

Not once did you return the favour

I once lost myself to you

And I even got myself back

I was strong enough to come back

After sinking so deep

And now it’s clear you want history to repeat itself

I’m not weak for admitting it all

I’m strong for recognising my flaws

My flaws come in many shapes and sizes

Sometimes being too loving and caring

Can be a flaw on our part

Everyone deserves the best

But not everyone deserves your best

Sometimes you deserve even better

You just don’t know it yet.

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