End Acid Attacks

After the attack there was a lot of media coverage. Global coverage even. I was in the papers in Saudi Arabia, on the news in Pakistan. I had messages from well wishers from Canada, South Africa, everywhere! I had an unbelievable number of media requests. I still get them, daily. However, I feel like I don’t really need to discuss my attack for others to look at me with sadness. I knew the media coverage and platform could be useful, but didn’t know what for. Then came the news reports. Whilst I sat in hospital recovering, I’m seeing and hearing about all of these acid attacks taking place throughout London. I don’t care who was being attacked, the bottom line is people are being hurt severely and this needed to stop. Throughout my treatment, I would question the doctors and police about my attack. How did the attacker get acid? Where is it from? Who does that? Is it a trend? Where did the idea come from? Is this common? And the answers I got were the truth, but not enough. It wasn’t enough for me that I, along with my cousin and others were attacked with a product that was so easy and cheap to purchase. A product that the police didn’t have much power over in comparison to guns and knives. A product that within seconds changed my entire life. From my hospital bed I made a decision that I was going to try my best to change things. If everything happens for a reason, then maybe this was the reason this happened to me. No one deserves to feel the pain of a burn, and it’s a shame this is a problem in the UK at all. Thats what also pushed me to work faster on my blog. I wanted to write about what I was doing, who was helping me and post regular updates.

Currently, I am working with two others, Saqlain Choudry that knows his stuff and helped me get the whole idea on paper and moving, and Sarmad Ismail, the man that created the phenomenal Change.org petition that currently has over 350,000 signatures. We put together a list of points we wanted to raise, and I put those into a personal letter. The letter is to be attached to the petition, and that is to be sent to MP’s, politicians, retailers and remain public for the world to see (Check the Blog for the letter). I will post updates on the blog about the campaign, and hopefully we can make a positive difference for a brighter future.

See the Letter & Petition HERE