Category: Personal Thoughts

Burst of thought

This is a nice feeling. A pleasant feeling. It’s 1.04am and I’m sat on my bed waiting for my veggie dinner to cook. I’ve been to the gym and I made the most of my monthly subscription. I’ve spoken to my dad and agreed on plans for tomorrow. One year ago I was probably procrastinating […]

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Inner Strength

I have heard it hundreds, maybe even thousands of times: “Resh, you’re so strong. Resh, you’re inspiring.” People send me heartfelt messages or approach me in public applauding me for handling the situation I am in in the way I have. I want to know what makes me so different? Why am I the strong […]

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Here I’m sat, frantically typing away this post on my notes on my phone, whilst I sip my coffee and bite into my fresh wrap. I’m sat on what looks an old vintage wooden chair that’s been up-cycled. The soft khaki cotton back with a slight rip beautifully compliments the worn wooden arm rests beside […]

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Thanks for calling me a bitch

Today has been a huge step forward for my personal development. But before I get into that, I want to talk about Instagram. Instagram, the social networking site that I usually find quite shallow. Everything based on photos, looks, what you appear to be like and have. Yet none the less, I use it myself. […]

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It’s The Little Things

It really is. If you could call today anything I guess you could call it a low day. We all have our ups and downs, but it’s all about how we get back up from our downs. Hospital life is tricky. I make jokes with the other patients about how I’m institutionalised, how I there’s […]

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Why did I start a blog?

Whilst being in hospital, the days can sometimes fall into each other and it’s easy to lose track of what day of the week it is. I’m hopeful that the creation of this blog provides me with a positive distraction, and a contributes towards steadily managing the past, present and future. Even upon discharge I […]

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