Update (October) – The Campaign

I welcome the announcement by Amber Rudd. It is somewhat reassuring to see the government acknowledge the true extent of the devastation and pain acid attacks inflict on its victims and their families, both psychologically and physically. Because of this, and the sheer fear and life-changing injuries acid can cause, I do hope this is […]

Update (July) – The Campaign

Sorry for such a delayed update. But in regards to update, wow do I have an update. So as you know, the campaign is doing really well. Sarmad’s petition has almost 500,000 supporters. Four hundred and fourtynine thousand nine hundred and filthy six people (online) supporting us, and the good what we are trying to […]

Letter & Petition – The Campaign

Click here to see the petition The letter: Letter detailing the proposals to prevent the easy access of, unnecessary possession and use of corrosive substances as a weapon. This letter requests; a statement from the Metropolitan police to condemn attacks involving corrosive substances, for retailers to tighten regulations in regards to the sale of corrosive […]