Why create a Blog?

Whilst being in hospital, the days can sometimes fall into each other and it’s easy to lose track of what day of the week it is. I’m hopeful that the creation of this blog provides me with a positive distraction, and a contributes towards steadily managing the past, present and future. Even upon discharge I feel as though throughout my ordeal (To read about this, check out the My Story page), I have had so much support, from friends, family and even strangers. I have experienced a sense of being, a feeling of care and support, from people all around the world that I have never and probably never will meet. Whenever I devote time to sort through the hundreds of messages I have received from well wishers, I always get filled with a sinking feeling. These people want updates on how I am, and they just want to help, yet I have been struggling to respond at a respectable rate. My way of thanking and updating others, as well as handling this chapter in my life is to document it as a blog. Even here, at the beginning of my online journey, I realise that I need to make sure I establish what I decide to post to the world, and what I’d like to keep private.

…That is why I want to create to sides of me, Resham.online, my online self that shares parts of her life with the world, and Resham Khan, my offline self, that moves forward, and tries her best to move upwards and onwards…
So here I am for you all, a blog on updates, a blog devoted to my recovery, to my future, to me. No running away or hiding, no being fearful, just Resham.online.