My name is Resham. I am certain that before my story went viral, there would have been no chance most of you reading this would have crossed paths with me. First of all, I guess I should cover the basics: I am a 21 year old woman, born and raised in the UK. I have moved up and down the country a few times, meaning I have been to a number of schools. I guess you could say I am used to change, used to adapting and making new friends in new places.

Realistically thinking, I have spent my entire life in full time education. I currently study Business Management with Exchange at university. Recently, I completed my Erasmus+ year, in which I moved to and studied in Cyprus for 9 months. An interesting point to making about my decision to become an exchange student was that prior to my study abroad experience, I had never left the country, so everything was new to me. The whole experience can be visualised as me, lifting myself up, and throwing myself into the deep end of a pool, whilst not being able to swim. P.S. I can’t actually swim. But no worries, there was no drowning, I’m alive and kicking, and here to tell the story.

Aside from my studies, I  tend to get myself part-time jobs. In terms of work, I’ve tried my hand at a range of roles. I see a job as a job, and money as money. I need money, and any job would do (almost). This mentality landed me with my first job in fast food when I was 15 whilst studying for my A-Levels. Now I look for things such as job satisfaction, mobility within the company and salary.

In terms of my personality, I am a confident person, very head-strong, arguably stubborn, yet enthusiastic and adventurous. I enjoy learning, and I am often called weird. I have diverse interests, music tastes and I find beauty in both simple and complex things.

Another thing about me is that I am a planner. A big planner. I have my next 10 years planned out… Things I hope to achieve and where I am aiming to be in my life. I know you can’t plan for that far ahead in the future, as the unexpected can happen, but the reason I do this is so that I don’t just float through life. Unless things do change for me, I have a direction I am heading in, a career in mind, a lifestyle I prefer. You can’t float through life and 30 years into it wonder why things are going the way you’d like them. Speaking of plans, I had plans for this summer. I was getting back from the greatest year of my life. I felt like Cyprus was the best way to get all the ‘fun’ out of my system. The day I arrived to the U.K., I went to training for my new job. Being sleep deprived and jet-lagged didn’t deter me, I was so focused and excited to begin my new summer job. I had applied the year before in 2015, yet was unsuccessful, and in 2016 during applications, I worked so hard and moved flights to make sure I made the UK during interviews. So you can probably imagine my disappointment when I couldn’t go to work because I was in hospital. I also missed out on two more job interviews, and a business boot camp weekend.

As a business student, I have a keen interest in opening my own business and learning the ropes of running a company. I planned to finalise my business plan at the business bootcamp (which I missed due to being in hospital… bummer), and open a small business when I got to the country. I could discuss it further, but right now it’s a bit of a lost dream for me… Maybe I’ll build up on it again in a few months once I am better. I am just relieved I didn’t bulk order stock. What I will say is that is was a combination of beauty products and an online community aiming to advise and empower women. Perhaps one day I will still be able to do this, maybe I’ll find an even better way to do it.

You’re probably reading this thinking ‘wow, she seems really career oriented, very focused on making money’, and to tell you the truth, you’d be right and wrong. Yes, I want to further my education, in fact, I plan to complete my education (with hopes of one day earning a PhD). And yes, I was a great career that will keep me happy and give me the flexibility and benefits to allow me to make investment and business movements. But it’s not for the money. Okay – yes I need money. I would like a lovely house and car, money brings a lot of things, including comfort (depending how you look at it… just work with me here). But all of this earning is so that I can rest up soon than many others may. So I can start a family.

I need to make sure I am financial stable at all times, that is a must. But I need to also make sure this is to the extent I am free to see my children grow up. I am so family orientated, that my determination to have a comfortable lifestyle with my family, is what drives me to be successful with my career. It may seem odd I plan this far ahead, as I have no intentions of marriage or children any time soon. My dreams are to be a stay at home mother (that is still earning, has conquered, achieved, qualified, travelled and done a whole lot more badass stuff)

So yes, I guess you could say this attack has put my life on hold. But if we look at things positively, I am overcoming a huge obstacle in my life, and other opportunities will arise. And realistically I had all of this planned for the last three weeks and the summer… Guess I am just a busy woman with lots planned. I have been on hold for a few weeks, and I know I will still be on hold for the weeks to come.

Physically and psychologically I need mending. Although he didn’t break me, he definitely made tares to my day-to-day life and near future plans.