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Over the weekend I shared a few photos of myself from the night of Eid and I was blown over by people and their reactions. Thank you all so much for the compliments and kind words. I know many are watching my recovery or may be going through something similar, looking at themselves and wondering when they will improve. I have received questions on my recovery, asking how and what I’m doing.

First of all I just wanted to make clear that what you see on the internet isn’t real. Just like the photos. Don’t get me wrong, I have loved the compliments and it’s felt wonderful, but I should definitely set the story straight before someone sees me and starts to call me a catfish. I don’t want others to be trying to achieve what I do using editing apps.

The images you saw were the result of me finally deciding to try on a full face of makeup. I sat down throughout the early hours and I had Snapchat the journey. Once I did a full face to the best of my ability, with an extra layer or two of foundation and a lot more concealer over the more raised and pink areas, I got changed and thought I’d push the boat out with something pretty. Plus I had a friend tell me they have always wondered what I look like in Asian clothes, and as it had been Eid, why not?

In terms of applying makeup, it has become so much harder. It hurts a little to apply, and I found applying eye makeup a bit of a struggle so didn’t do too much. I miss being able to have fun with shadows and liner. And my heart longed for a pair of fake eyelashes. But with time and the help of my doctor, I hope one day it’s achievable. My eyebrows have been burnt and grow a bit funny so they were proving difficult, so I just shaded them rather than trying to shape them into anything fancy. A contour was achievable on one side but not really the other. And as my skin is tough, mixing lipsticks is difficult. It might sound confusing but trying to explain the little things that made makeup a challenge isn’t easy.

Before I began to snap away, I did

break down. I got those mushy emotional tears of happiness. I looked in the mirror and I felt like I looked like the old me again (of course it would have been great to of not needed the makeup to do so). After I took the photos, I then edited them on BeautyPlus, a great app my aunt introduced me to. It edits your photos, there’s not much you can’t do on there to be honest, I corrected the image. I also adjusted the brightness, my room isn’t the best lit thing at 2/3am. The photos are also taken from the side, the side that wasn’t affected as much. This ‘good’ side suffers from scars, whereas the other side has a mix of scars, pink, burns, hard skin, raised skin and my dodgy eye.

Makeup did a great job and so did angles and an edit. But please don’t see my photos and go into despair or try to achieve something that may not be possible. It’s hard. I’ve loved the compliments but the harsh reality is it is not real. It’s been lovely, it’s been great, but I can’t keep pretend to be someone I’m not. The improvement is going along great, and I’ve began my route to have my eye fixed through procedures and surgery, so there are so many positives. I have shown myself natural and unedited on Snapchat and Instagram Live. In terms of face care it is a combination of the basics: Clean open skin, moisturiser, I was using bio oil and I wash with black soap and exfoliate as best I can.

Without makeup, with makeup, after outfit change:

51 thoughts on “A Few Photos

  1. Amazing pictures – 1 & 3 really show the true scale of the effects of the acid damage that you are still suffering.

    Given that this should never have happened in the first place – I think you’ve made an excellent recovery and your face is at a point where the damage is managable. And I’m going to say something here that you may be totally aghast with…

    We all look for a uniqueness in a relationship partner – as well as a person that we are attracted to and want to share our lives with – but I think your injuries as displayed in those pics gives you an attractive quality in that unique sense.

    The beauty within still shines through though.

    1. Completely agree! Its becoming further and further manageable each day. I appreciate you looking at the bigger picture, its really helped boost my confidence in the areas I’ve tried to forget. Such a wonderful message, thank you!

  2. Stay strong, you are beautiful and will have to stay strong. You can achieve your dreams. Life is beautiful live everyday and thank the Allah.
    May Allah bless you.

  3. Fresh,
    Not sure I can call you a friend, although I am one, and have been since your attack went viral that day, and have been a twitter follower and supporter of yours, been there for you, did my but to give you strength when you needed it, and most of all I have your back. I’m proud to be a friend of your, a real one, and I expect sadly you have found out who your real and true ones are. As that person thank you for letting me in your life, I just looked at your photos, and applaud you for doing it, brave, all part if your recovery, emotional recovery too. All of them look so beautiful, and I mean all of them, even the one without make-up, because its you, the young woman with a stunning and beautiful heart and soul.

    It worries when you get frustrated when some people may get your story wrong, if deliberately or through ignorance, please don’t let it eat vat you, and stress you, they not worth it, if ever you are ready, and want to, maybe talk to a media outlet who you trust, and there’s always that book, once your recovery is complete, and hold Katie Piper as that benchmark to what can be done. And any nasty people, sadly you’ll always get them, as you put yourself out there with your campaign, so what if your block list gets bigger

    Remember I and we support you, care and love you.

    David xx (storm_Layne)

  4. “Omg she is so Beautiful!!”was my first thaught when I saw these pictures, and you really are. And don’t evne let someone tell you otherwise. You are so strong! Xoxo Oda(Norway)

  5. You look as the way you were before, or i would say much more beautiful…the things you have faced.
    One should learn definitely from you. Want to be your one good friend.

  6. You look beautiful without makeup too. You do not have to cover yourself up to feel good. You are a brave girl and beautiful inside as well as outside

  7. Hi Resham,
    I can’t tell you how much courage it takes to be someone like you.You are the perfect and classic example of bravery and perseverance.With this post of yours,you show that how accepting your flaws lead to total happiness and abundance.You also spread the message of not being someone who you really are not.I am really very happy to see such kind of positivity from your side.Its hard to remain positive after such incidents in life but you completely changed the notion rather changed the scenario.

    You inspire many souls irrespective of who we are and where we are.Stay positive,stay happy and keep spreading the happiness.As we say the more we give, the more we get,So keep giving your positivity to the society.

    Want to conclude with a very BIG THANKS to you for filling my heart with the beauty of yours.You are immensely beautiful in every possible way.We need more people like you.

    Stay strong and and keep inspiring! 😃
    Thanks again.

    1. Hello Aashish. That was one of the sweetest things I have read, thank you so much, I hope I can make you proud. Thank you so much, Resham x

  8. You are so cute resham , I didn’t find anything wrong in any of your picture , I am a photographer & I found you very photogenic, I am so impressed the way you carry yourself , you are true inspiration for many others, the best part in you is you are aware of all your versions & transformations from simplecute to modern diva. I Wish you a gr8 future!!!
    Keep smiling Dear

    1. Thank you very much. Glad you thought the photos looked good, I appreciate it. I try my best to carry myself the best way I can, thank you!

  9. I feel so proud of you. I dont usually look at people for inspiration, but you are really motivating. And please don’t value the opinion of those that have just a few minutes in your life.
    You are beautiful, you are perfect.

  10. Your face was beautiful and someone tried to marr that beauty with hatred. But you didn’t let that define you, which tells me you are so brave and strong. True beauty is facing adversity and coming out on top. Your struggle completely blew me away. Lots of duas and best wishes on your journey to healing.

  11. The cruelty and senselessness of your attack is beyond imagination. Thank you for sharing this. I see a strong and beautiful young woman and that strength and beauty comes from within. It has nothing to do with how you apply your makeup:-) I wish you all the best with your continued recovery. Oh and you do look lovely in Asian clothes, but I suspect you would look lovely in a flour sack!

  12. You are a beautiful young lady, with or without the makeup. I admire your courage and strength. Anyone would be proud to call you friend, daughter, sister– whatever. I am so sorry you were hurt and I wish you good health and fortune as you continue your journey to healing.

  13. You are so beautiful baby girl. May Allah swt make it easy for you and may He put barakah in your recovery. May He shower you with His mercy for the pain you have endured in this finite world and give you the most beautiful life in the infinite world that awaits. Ameen thuma’Ameen ❤️

  14. Greetings from Colombia. They couldn’t destroy your beauty, and They never will. Keep inspiran people, Young Muse!

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