I’ve been offline for quite a while, no blog posts, no working site. After giving myself a break I have decided to get back on track with life.I’ve set some goals (a relaxed version of my last goals) and I’m going for them!

If you read any of my other pages back when I started you’ll of read about my degree and my hopes of starting a business, and this is where it all starts. I am planning to completely redesign this site and start selling products that helped me during my recovery (which I still use) AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. The stocked has been delivered and the only thing I am now waiting on is packaging. Once that is ready, the items will be ready to post and I am certain you will love them. I wanted to focus on products that can genuinely help, and you can follow through this site or via the social media pages @ReshamKosmetics on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


Launching soon, beautiful products so that you can love yourself.

Because if I can look in the mirror and still feel great, so can you.