A main point of why I made this blog was so that I could update others of my recovery and life after the attack. I am getting myself involved with many things, trying to better the world, and I wanted to be able to share everything with you first hand. I’m not particularly a fan of interviews, be it on tv, on the radio or a documentary. I told my story on Twitter briefly, and I didn’t want the next update from me to be some edited, cut and printed version that would get the most clicks or views. So here I am, sat in my hospital bed at 12.41am typing to the world. Although the world has seen two sides to me, the dolled up version and the swollen burnt version that looks like she has just gone twelve rounds with Muhammed Ali, I wanted to show the world the rest of me.

I am more than just my looks, whether that be glam or scarred.

This attack restored my faith in humanity. When one twisted person tried to destroy me completely, thousands of people felt compelled to extend their warm wishes and prayers. As soon as they heard my story, the fact we were strangers became irrelevant. Humans doing what humans do best, coming together in difficult times. I will never be able to thank everyone enough for all the support and advice, but I’d like to make each one of those people proud of me. You didn’t waste your time when you helped, prayed or messaged. I’m here for good. The strength of the world is within me.